Provactively Prevent Parties and Neighbor Complaints at your Property

NoiseAware's privacy safe noise monitoring solution brings you and your homeowners peace of mind when renting out their homes. Know the minute noise is loud enough to disturb neighbors or indicate a party at your property anytime while you're anywhere. NoiseAware has partnered with to offer you a 30% discount to bring you that peace of mind.

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For Property Managers & Homeowners Alike

The new way to protect your property from any of your worst nightmares.

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With the NoiseAware Gen 3 Indoor Sensor, you're now able to monitor your entire home while respecting guests' privacy, with one single indoor sensor.

Protect your property - no matter the climate conditions. With the NoiseAware Outdoor Sensor, you're now able to monitor your entire property.

Indoor Sensor

Outdoor Sensor

  • Plugs into any outlet
  • NEW Tamper proof detection technology
  • Quick & simple installation
  • FCC & Safety Certified
  • Place anywhere outdoors 
  • Battery powered
  • 100% Weatherproofed
  • Quick & simple installation
  • FCC & Safety Certified

*Outdoor Sensors require a minimum of 1 Indoor Sensor / Property

Together, our indoor and outdoor sensors offer the best coverage any vacation rental could ever need from noise issues and parties! The sensors are paired with our dashboard and mobile app so that your property is covered 24/7.

Property Monitoring Subscription

*Properties with NoiseAware sensors require an active subscription to collect and store data.


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Property managers who love it!

Darbi, Stay Local

"We've installed these into our properties in July and it's been amazing. We've seen the noise levels go down as soon as a text is received by the guest after 15 minutes of noise being over acceptable levels, but we've also been able to provide Metro Nashville with hard proof and evidence that there was NOT a party at a property if a neighbor turns us in for a noise violation. I fully support NoiseAware and this product and encourage you to jump on board, too!"

You can order now to get your sensors shipped and start protecting your property today or work with a dedicated team member to receive a recommendation on what's best for you and your property. 

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